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Cynnamin is a singer and producer, born and raised in Pepperell, Massachusetts. She has been singing practically since she could talk. From adorable nap time performances to chorus and musicals, she could always be found surrounded by melodies. She attended Full Sail University where she received her Bachelor’s in Music Production. While there, she performed, produced music, and coordinated entire shows in preparation for her career. Since then, she has featured on multiple songs and has the opportunity to sing the title track for a Bollywood production (on hold due to Covid). Her roots are in older country and classic rock, but over the years, she’s grown a love and appreciation for Pop and R&B that heavily influences her current music. Cynnamin is a “do it yourself” kind of artist and tends to have her hands in the entire process of creating her music: lyrics, recording, arranging, mixing, mastering, and producing in general. When she gets an idea in her head, she takes it and runs with it to the end, putting 110% of herself into it. Her love and passion can be felt in every aspect of the things she makes. She pulls inspiration from artists like TInashe, Ariana Grande, and Lolo Zouai, combining Hip-Hop, Pop, and R&B together to create an experience that feels intimate, while mixing in a dash of that old-school grit. Her debut single “I Like it Like'' is set to release everywhere on 9/10/2021 and will showcase the hardwork and dedication that she puts into her music.

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